November 6, 2013

October 2013 Views

First of all, I would like to apologize for not posting in quite
some time.  My husband and I moved in August to Lincoln, NE.
My husband, Ken, took a position here.  The job was a super 
answer to much prayer to our LORD and SAVIOR, JESUS CHRIST!!
We had to sell our house and have taken a beautiful apartment here in Lincoln.
There are pros & cons to this move...the pros: a steady paycheck, benefits, and 
closer proximity to our "aged-P's" (parents).  Our parents turned 80 yrs.
old this year and it would be good to see them more often.  It's a 
5 hr. drive now whereas it was 10 hr.  The cons:  we are now 4 & 5 hrs. 
away from our 2 sons and their families :- (  and also my hairdresser, Dr.,
Eye Dr., and know.  We just found out 2 weeks ago that 
our new Daughter-in-law has been diagnosed with Breast Cancer (she's 
only 34 yr.)  I will be heading down to Wichita, KS to take care of 
some Grands while she's getting surgery on Friday.  I hope
to post more often and check on everyone while I've been away.  
I'm looking forward to it! :-))

The photos above were taken at the "Sunken Gardens" in downtown
Lincoln, NE. on October 12th.  A gorgeous place!

March 6, 2013

Pot O' Finches

American Goldfinches

House Finch (Male)

House Finch (Male)

Pine Siskin

American Goldfinches

                             Spring migration has arrived in SC Kansas.  I am seeing Robins by the 100s, American Goldfinch, Pine Siskin, and Cedar Waxwings.  March came in like a lion here with a couple of snowstorms.  But, we didn't mind as we desperately needed the moisture.

Eastern Bluebirds in Watercolor

I have been working in watercolors for the past
3 years.  I enjoy painting birds, flowers and butterflies.  
Here is a link to my flickr photostream if you want
to look at more of my art work.


February 27, 2013

Fox Sparrow, A Lifer

Fox Sparrow

I was surprised to see a different bird at the feeders.  
I'm pretty sure it's a Fox Sparrow.  Especially after a
couple of birder friends suggested it.  At first I thought it was
a young Harris's Sparrow but at closer inspection I could
see it had different coloring.  It had a black spot in the
middle of it's chest.  It must be migrating because I've 
never seen these before.

After the Snowstorm
The weather channel called it Winter Storm Q
Northern Cardinal (Male)


Harris's Sparrow

Harris's Sparrow

Northern Cardinal (Female)

February 18, 2013

February Backyard Birds

We got some snow on the 12th that melted
the next day.  This is the only snow we've 
gotten this Winter.  It was actually quite pretty
and the LORD knows we needed the moisture.

February 6, 2013

Early Spring Migrants: Pine Siskins

Pine Siskin

Pine Siskin

 We are having lots of Finch activity at the feeders right now.  
We are excited at getting a few Pine Siskins today, too :-) 
  I would say "Spring is on it's way!"

 Look how this Goldfinch is transforming.

 The House Finches are pairing up :-))

Female House Finch

I almost mistook the Pine Siskins for a female House Finch...
but at closer inspection, I noticed the House Finch is larger
in size and has a conical shaped beak.  The Pine Siskin beak
is long, slender and pointy.


January 25, 2013


Seeing RED...

White-crowns and Harris's

We're beginning to see Spring birds like
Goldfinches and Robins.  We just had 24 hr. of
cold that brings the White-crowns and Harris's to 
the feeders.  I think about Harris's as my "little chickens"
they behave so much like them.  I grew up on a 
Dairy Farm but we raised chickens for the eggs and 
for eating.

cindy :-))