January 25, 2013


Seeing RED...

White-crowns and Harris's

We're beginning to see Spring birds like
Goldfinches and Robins.  We just had 24 hr. of
cold that brings the White-crowns and Harris's to 
the feeders.  I think about Harris's as my "little chickens"
they behave so much like them.  I grew up on a 
Dairy Farm but we raised chickens for the eggs and 
for eating.

cindy :-))


Paul Cornish said...

Hi Cindy, I live in New Zealand and I love all colourful birds you have in your country. I am new to bird watching and I have a lot to learn and take beautiful photos like the ones you take. What's the secret?

Kind regards


dAwN said...

Great backyard birding Cindy! Wish I had a Harris sparrow here in NC

theoldman said...

Great Job on the group shots of the different sparrows!