July 8, 2011

Summer Sightings

Hi, I know I haven't posted in quite awhile. The bird
action has been way down in my backyard and I've gotten
sidetracked with "this, that, or the other".
We (my husband & I) keep the food & water
out for the birds, but we have a young squirrel who thinks it's for him.

Look at this Robin above, he tells the story
of our extra early HOT Summer.
It has been so hot here that all the birds have
their beaks hanging open. It makes a person
wonder how they can survive.
Some manage to cool off while the sprinkler
is running on the garden. My husband got a shot
of a young Chickadee doing just that :-)
(pictured way below)

Pesky, the Squirrel

House Finch

Baltimore Oriole
The Oriole feeder looked like it had a whole
colony of ants floating in it...yuck! We are seeing the
occasional Oriole but not like we had in the Spring.

Tufted Titmouse
(where's his tuft?)
My husband captured this shot, too. We haven't seen
any Titmice for some time and "pop", there he is! Hubby
grabbed the camera and took a quick shot
before he flew away. Sometimes when you do that...
it chops off the top of their head :-)
I wanted to include this image in the post because
the bird life has been mighty scarce around here. I like
how the picture shows his pretty eye, beautiful plumage,
and clean conical beak.

American Robin
I didn't want to leave you in suspense regarding
the HOT and thirsty Robin. He finally worked his way toward the
water source and took a couple drinks.

Carolina Chickadee
Here is the Chickadee enjoying a shower :-))

Next, is a hodge~podge of photos from my
backyard. I'm happy about the flowers as I
started them from seed last year.

Notice the "itsy, bitsy spider" on the
Black~eyed Susan.

Happy Friday!! everyone!!