April 21, 2009

Brown Thrashers

These Brown Thrashers came up to the feeder and I snatched these photos through the window screen. They didn't stay very long and I hope they'll come back. I have included a clearer picture, off the internet, of a Brown Thrasher.

Correction: Brown Thrasher!

I know this isn't the best photo in the world, but snatched it through the window screen. A pair of Brown Thrashers were eating below the feeder. They were very skittish, moving quickly.

Robin Nestwatchers: I checked the nest yesterday. Still 4 eggs. My husband and I went to work-out last night and they weren't sitting on the nest, nor when we got back...curious...kind of cool last night, too.

I just looked at the nest now...through binoculars from the picture window. The male is sitting on nest...he is sure a good sitter.

Mourning Dove Today

She was just sitting on the deck this morning. Perhaps waiting for the feeder. I hadn't put the feeder out yet. In the afternoon, I saw a couple of Doves walking toward the feeder, they like to forage beneath.