April 26, 2010

Wonderful Spring Beginnings

Eastern Tiger Swallowtail
My son captured this picture for me at the Chaplin Nature Center. This beautiful piece of earth is located just a few miles from town.

House Finch Nest
I was so pleased and excited when I took the Boston Fern down to water it and found this Finch nest with a little speckled egg in it. The nest is about 3" across and the egg a little over 1/2" long.

This is the fern I was talking about. It sat out the Winter inside and was looking like a pretty sorry plant.

Another view of the nest to give perspective.

Ruby-throated Hummingbird
This little guy just arrived! He's still sort of shy.
Here is a link to post your Hummer's arrival:
"Frogs and snails and puppy dog tails"
A snail,
in the hand,
of a grandson.

"Roses are Red, Violets are Blue"

Flora & fauna at the Chaplin Nature Center.