March 23, 2012

Spring Images

 Grape Hyacinth
This is the 3rd season for them.  I planted some
Daffodils last Fall...the greens popped up but
no blooms.

As you can see, they were getting a bit
aggressive.  We've been having a lot of rain 
and overcast skies here in SC Kansas.
This week we are seeing fewer Goldfinches 
at the feeders.  Did they go further North?

 Eurasian-collared Dove
There are a pair of these Doves feeding on
the back deck.
 I am wondering if this may be a 
Lesser Goldfinch?  We had one last year and
I heard they were rare for our area.

 We've had this different colored Junco all
Winter.  They sure are pretty!

Even though this is a Mourning Dove :-)
 Mourning Doves are enjoying the birdseed, too!

 Robins are building this nest right out in 
our front yard.  We weren't sure if this young
Paper Birch was going to make it through the
intense heat of last year.  Half of the leaves
fell off because of early 90 degree
heat.  We are seeing buds.  I hope we don't have a repeat of 
last Spring and Summer's heat.  If we do, we 
made need to purchase a swimming pool.

Spring Lilies

I hope everyone is having a great

March 14, 2012

Still Enamored with Finches

Happy "Wordless Wednesday"