May 28, 2010

House Finch Chicks Launch

This is an update about the House Finch family living in the Boston Fern on our front porch. We had a thunderstorm yesterday and after it passed over we heard the H. Finch parents calling and calling like they were distressed. They were also flying in and out of the fern. We became concerned thinking maybe one of the chicks fell out. My husband got the step ladder and peeked inside. We were both surprised as 2 chicks flew out instantly! NOW we understood why the adults were calling them. It seemed too soon that the chicks would be at the launch stage. They flew toward the big Maple as the parents flew on each side of them. An awesome sight. We looked back into the nest and there was 1 left...the one pictured above. She was not ready yet. We took the fern down and she flew out after a minute but, away from the rest of her family, and near the ground. That didn't look safe to me because the neighbor has cats. I went over and she allowed me to pick her plan being to fling her up toward her family in the tree, but, she flew out of my hand and was clinging to a black tarp, in the neighbor's yard (the one with the cats) I tried again to capture her, but she flew under the neighbor's pick-up. I waited for awhile then decided it would be better if I backed off and let nature take it's course. The adult finches continued to call for over an hour. So, hopefully she found her way off the ground and into the tree :-)

May 25, 2010

A Chorus of Peeps

I'm enjoying a peeping chorus from right outside my front door. There are 4 sweet little House Finch chicks that are being raised by 2 diligent parents. If you look closely in each photo you can see all 4 chicks.

A Sunflower in Watercolor
by cindyzlogic

With this painting, I was working on the technique called "under painting". First came the sketch from still life. Then I applied 3 different color washes, tilting the page until all the colors ran together. Then let this dry or to speed up the process use a blow dryer. Lastly, you paint in the subject. Under painting works like the effect of glazing

Woohoo! Our 1st Indigo Bunting to visit the backyard this Spring!

Meet Cinnamon

Cinnamon is one of my pet Society Finches. He is a lot of fun and keeps us company. In this photo, he is enjoying his vegetables. (spinach)

May 16, 2010

New Arrivals

The House Finch family that have been housed in my Boston Fern have new arrivals. I didn't want to disturb them so I can't tell how many have hatched...I think three.

This is my newest watercolor using the wet-in-wet technique. I'm enjoying this new medium and the watercolor classes.

We have a female Ruby-throated at the feeder! I saw the male again today, he's really small and about half her size. We have seen a 3rd Hummer but they are all being so cautious and allusive it is hard to get a good view.

We were thrilled and surprised that the Hummingbird feeder attracted these Baltimore Orioles. My husband went out and bought an Oriole feeder and the Orioles are a lot less frustrated trying to get to the sugar water ;-) We have seen 2 males and 3 females. It is new this year to have them in the yard and to hear their cool song.

Orioles like to play games too! "Peek - a- Boo"

We have a Wren pair nesting nearby! This is the first time I've seen Wrens at the feeder. When I got home this evening they were in the front yard in the flower bed gathering nesting materials.