September 23, 2012

Ruby-throated & Mr. Cardinal

 Ruby-throated Hummingbird
At first, we weren't sure we were going to get any
Hummingbirds this season.  In early Spring we
had a couple Ruby-throated stop and drink at
the feeder.  But, they left and I presume headed North. 
I figured it was too hot and dry for them as week after
week I didn't see any at the feeder.  Finally, in late Summer
we were thrilled to see them return.  This little guy, which I
think is a juvenile Ruby-throated Hummingbird is staying
close to the feeder and guarding it with all his might.  
I would say he is storing up for his long trek South
to Coasta Rica.  

He looks to be molting and he behaves
like a juvenile male.  We've had lots
of Cardinal youngsters at the feeders this year.

Happy Autumn!!  Everyone :-))