September 23, 2012

Ruby-throated & Mr. Cardinal

 Ruby-throated Hummingbird
At first, we weren't sure we were going to get any
Hummingbirds this season.  In early Spring we
had a couple Ruby-throated stop and drink at
the feeder.  But, they left and I presume headed North. 
I figured it was too hot and dry for them as week after
week I didn't see any at the feeder.  Finally, in late Summer
we were thrilled to see them return.  This little guy, which I
think is a juvenile Ruby-throated Hummingbird is staying
close to the feeder and guarding it with all his might.  
I would say he is storing up for his long trek South
to Coasta Rica.  

He looks to be molting and he behaves
like a juvenile male.  We've had lots
of Cardinal youngsters at the feeders this year.

Happy Autumn!!  Everyone :-))


Kerri said...

Happy Autumn Cindy!! Love your little birdies ;)

Julie G. said...

So glad the hummingbirds are spending time at your feeder. They are so much fun to watch! I think the majority of our little summer residents have traveled south but the migrants and juveniles are still around. Love the young male cardinal! Hope he spends the winter with you.

Rick said...

Great shots, Cindy ! I especially like the cardinal. We get some hummingbirds here (I haven't posted any shots) but cardinals are fairly rare - this one looks unique !

Laura Moore said...

Cute little cardinal Cindy. We don't have those in the UK so it's great to see your photo.