September 12, 2012


I thought is was high time I posted something.
Summer is almost over and I am glad for that...we had
a terribly HOT Summer and a drought.  A few weeks
ago we had 3" of's amazing what a little moisture can do.
It brought hope and healing to a dry and thirsty land.

I decided that I should be able to grow Sunflowers...for their
bright and cheery color and seeds for my backyard birds.  I watered them
everyday and they survived the drought :-)


Kerri said...

Oh, they are Lovely!!
We've had a hot summer too.... but I'm very sad to see it go! i just don't know what i'll do without the butterflies :(

Julie G. said...

I am always delighted to see sunflowers. You did a great job growing these beauties, Cindy! Pretty photographs!

Frank said...

Glorious Sunflowers Cindy. It's a topsy turvey world .. you've had drought and we've had the wettest time for 100 years!

ZielonaMila said...

Beautiful photographs, beautiful flowers. I am greeting