April 15, 2011

Spring in the Backyard

Eastern Bluebird
This is my first sighting of a Bluebird!! He seemed to be checking out my situation (food, water, habitat) and was eyeing a Wren Nestbox. I wish he would accept it! Regarding the nestbox, we attached it to the shed, close to the Rose of Sharon bushes. But, I didn't realize until today that the opening is open to the North wind...and we had a strong NW wind today :-(
...I think I lost him.

The weather is just awful today.
Overcast, cold, and strong NW winds...whereas yesterday we had
tornadic storms. But, it brought the E. Bluebird and some other little bird moving too fast (the wind helping it along) to be able to ID. I'm hoping it'll come back. It was a bit smaller than the finches with a yellow tummy, bluish on it's back & wings, and a black crest...a very tiny head.

Downy or Hairy???

Cotton Tale
Once upon a time, there was a hungry bunny.
He found a Black Walnut that the squirrel had buried last Fall.
He said to his friend, "Well, I found my lunch!"

He said a blessing over his meal,
thanking God for His provision.

He munched on this delectable
morsel until it was all gone...

...then, licking his fingers
he declared that Cindy's backyard "eats" were
the best in the neighborhood!

The End :-))