July 13, 2011

Wings on Wednesday

Keep your eye on the sky while eating young
Cardinals. There are many Mississippi Kites around.

Two sweet friends :-)
This Sparrow and Finch have been with each
other the last couple of days. The House
Finch seems to be watching over the House Sparrow.

Is this a male or female? No crest...

I was so happy to find that a House Finch pair
have started another nest in the fern outside! That'll
be something new to observe through these long
hot Summer days ahead.

I'm not sure about the ID of this bird.
He is sure showing an attitude and a half!
I'm thinking it reminded me of a Grackle. It
could be a young one.

We have several Mississippi Kites cruising our area.
I see their shadows swooping over the backyard. All the young birds
will need to keep an eye out.

Lots of young Cardinals coming to get a drink
and eat some Sunflower seeds.