April 23, 2009

Robins Are Nesting

Today finds the Robins nest-sitting. It was a warm day here in Kansas, 80 degrees, no wind. A gorgeous day! Late in the afternoon I decided to check and see if we happened to have any more nests. Lo and behold! I found another nest of Robins in the Holly Berry trees. Mrs. Robin scolded me fiercely as I came closer to get a picture of her nest contents.

The Robin pictured above/left is Robin #1. Here is Robin #2:

They have 4 eggs also.

Here is the angry soon to be parent.

What is this Bird?

Robin's Nest Update: Day 6

It does look like the clutch is full at 4 eggs. Mr. & Mrs. Robin have been taking turns sitting on the nest. I've noticed the leaves on the Birch tree are filling out as well. Spring is here in Kansas.