September 14, 2011

Wings on Wednesday

Pearl Crescent
I took this photo during my visit to
South Dakota (my stomping grounds)
My in~laws have a gorgeous garden and
there were butterflies all over. This one
sat still enough to capture a few pics.

Here is another view. To find their IDs, I
get on the internet and go to butterflies and moths of
north america (google that) that site posts
lots of butterfly and moth species. Then I study my
photograph or butterfly/moth specimen and compare
it to ID'd photos on the website :-))
I'm definitely not an expert!

I'm a beginning artist as well...I've always
enjoyed drawing and sketching. I've begun
to study watercolor painting and watercolor
pencil art. I'm combining my love of the
beauty of nature with my art. I've started a
"nature sketchbook" to record sketches of nature.
Right now I'm on a kick of sketching all the real butterfly
and moth specimens that I and my family have captured.
One of the sketches is pictured above.

I'm still into's just that its been too hot
to go out looking for them. And there haven't
been many in the backyard. It turned cool today
YAYYYYY!! It was 96 degrees yesterday and it's 77 today :-))
"it's such a blessin' doesn't seem natural" (a quote from
the movie The Yearling)

Happy Wednesday!! Everyone!!