May 25, 2010

A Chorus of Peeps

I'm enjoying a peeping chorus from right outside my front door. There are 4 sweet little House Finch chicks that are being raised by 2 diligent parents. If you look closely in each photo you can see all 4 chicks.

A Sunflower in Watercolor
by cindyzlogic

With this painting, I was working on the technique called "under painting". First came the sketch from still life. Then I applied 3 different color washes, tilting the page until all the colors ran together. Then let this dry or to speed up the process use a blow dryer. Lastly, you paint in the subject. Under painting works like the effect of glazing

Woohoo! Our 1st Indigo Bunting to visit the backyard this Spring!

Meet Cinnamon

Cinnamon is one of my pet Society Finches. He is a lot of fun and keeps us company. In this photo, he is enjoying his vegetables. (spinach)