April 30, 2012

Early Spring Sightings

 3 Baby Robins 

 Snail or Slug ??  
I really don't know much about these :-)

 The Kiss
2 Eurasian-collared Doves

 House Finch Nest
This nest is located right outside the front door
in the Boston Fern.
 Female Cardinal

 Blue Jay Display

 Downy Woodpecker
We have 2 or 3 Downys visiting the suet
and 1 Red-bellied Woodpecker.

 5 House Finch Eggs

 Common Buckeye
A "lifer" for me :-))

 Red Admiral Butterfly
We have been inundated with Red Admiral
Butterflies.  They are a gorgeous butterfly.

I haven't been on here for a while for different reasons.  But, 
I am still taking photos whenever I can.  I'm looking forward
to catching up on reading your blogs.  

Happy Monday !!