October 8, 2009

Red-tailed Hawk

Red-tailed Hawk
pictures by cindyzlogic

Red-tailed Hawk in flight. Notice the white underparts and black bar on the leading edge of the wings.

Red-tailed Hawks like to perch on top of electric poles. This affords them a great view of the open fields as they search for food. As you can see, this one is searching intently.
I know these aren't the best pics in the world...but this is as close and as good as I could get with my camera :( I like this one because it shows the red tail feathers. See how he's checking me out?? That's as close as he would let me get.
These Hawks are permanent members of the Kansas scene, they do not migrate. They are the most common species of hawk in Kansas. You can find one about every square mile out in the country side.