May 22, 2009

As Gentle as a Dove

The birds in our backyard are busy nesting, so we don't see as many visits to the feeder. The House Sparrows are doing very well with raising their broods. We are seeing the second group of fledglings come to the deck and the parents feed them from the feeder. We have a pesky squirrel or two that want to come and gorge, but they won't leave until they've eaten every seed. Their presence keeps the birds away, too. We are letting them know that they are NOT welcome. This week we have obsevered Mourning Doves, Cardinals, Carolina Chickadees, House Sparrows, Tufted Tit-Mouse, and we are hearing the Great Horned Owl at night.

May 15, 2009

First Indigo Bunting Sighting

I have been recovering from surgery the last 10 days, so I haven't been birding. I was going toward the window with the camera ready...thinking that I was going to be taking pictures of some Chickadees. I get up to the window and there was this beautiful blue bird feeding at our feeder. I feel the Lord Jesus has given me a gift, because I have been hoping to see a blue colored bird when I started this birdwatching project!
Also, yesterday we spotted an Eastern Bluebird out in the backyard. Too far away for my camera to get a picture. I will try to find a picture to download so you can see what it looks like. Very beautiful bird, also, with pastel, orange, white tummy.

May 4, 2009

White Crowned Sparrow

We have some very pretty White Crowned Sparrows in our yard. I love their whistle song and like to sing along with them : )

Harris's Sparrow

There are several Harris's Sparrows that frequent the feeder. I think they are very pretty. When I listened to their song online, I was so surprised to hear that it is that pretty whistle tune I usually hear in the late afternoon/evening. I love it!

May 1, 2009

Robin Eggs Hatch

I have disappointing news...the eggs must have hatched yesterday or today, but they didn't survive. Two baby birds hatched. We had pretty bad weather here, so I'm thinking it was just too rainy and cold for them. Hopefully the Robins will try again. I've read that they can produce 3 broods a year. The other nest that I discovered in the Holly Berry Trees isn't even there anymore. I can only guess that the hard deluge of rain brought it down.