May 15, 2009

First Indigo Bunting Sighting

I have been recovering from surgery the last 10 days, so I haven't been birding. I was going toward the window with the camera ready...thinking that I was going to be taking pictures of some Chickadees. I get up to the window and there was this beautiful blue bird feeding at our feeder. I feel the Lord Jesus has given me a gift, because I have been hoping to see a blue colored bird when I started this birdwatching project!
Also, yesterday we spotted an Eastern Bluebird out in the backyard. Too far away for my camera to get a picture. I will try to find a picture to download so you can see what it looks like. Very beautiful bird, also, with pastel, orange, white tummy.


Penelope said...

Gorgeous indigo bunting photos. I've still never seen one, though my husband saw one on a walk we were on together recently. One day I'll be looking in the right place at the right time!

Anna said...

I saw my first Eastern Bluebirds last summer when a pair sat on the power line near my house. I didn't know what they were until I uploaded my digital photos onto my pc and had a closer look. I was so surprised and delighted! This Spring and Summer I have observed and photographed a family of Bluebirds on the north west side of town. I didn't think Bluebirds were in this part of the country until my first encounter! I adore them, they are so beautiful.
A few years ago, I saw an Indigo Bunting while on vacation in Arkansas. I was so taken by its beauty! I was told they are in the countryside in this area so I started looking, and found a place north and west of AC where I have taken countless pictures of the beautiful Indigo Bunting. What beautiful birds.
I enjoyed looking at your photos, as I am an avid bird watcher as well. I love to photograph them and it has become somewhat of an obsession with me. =)