April 15, 2009

Story Behind this Baby

picture by cindyzlogic

Last Spring I hung a Boston Fern out on the front porch area. A pair of House Finches quickly built a nest in it much to my surprise. We got a hard freeze which killed most of the fern. We took the plant down to throw it away, but there were a couple of eggs in the nest. We decided to keep the plant hanging in a less prominent spot, wait until all threat of cold weather passed, and then buy a new Fern. I looked in the nest every couple of days. The next time we looked into the nest it had about 6 eggs!

pictures by cindyzlogic

The Housefinch couple were good parents! They hatched three babies. The babies were so ugly, they were cute...ha ha!
And then there were two...the babies grew quickly and grew feathers on their wings. One morning I looked into the nest and there were only two babies. Of course, that was kind of sad because as the weeks passed we became attached to them.
...to be continued

Nesting Robin

Taken on April 10th, the beginnings of a nest.

Taken on April 10th, "I spy with my little eye, a Robin in the tree."
Taken today, April 14th, she's getting it more tightly woven. I thought there might be eggs...my hubby got a step-stool and I took a picture of the inside...not yet. (Pictures by cindyzlogic)

A Robin is nesting in a little tree in our front yard. One nested there last year but the nest was very small. I'm going to track her progress through pictures and post them. Last year I tracked the progress of some Housefinches. That was fun! They nested in our Boston Fern. We got really attached : )