July 27, 2011

Wednesday Wonders

Young Cardinal
I've been having a few young Cardinals
at the feeder. They look like a mess and
need to grow into their beaks :-)
But, I am so glad to have them!

New House Finch Babies
The House Finches have hatched! They are
so tiny and fuzzy. The pink you see are their
necks and the little round fuzzy at the
end is the back of their heads.

Rose of Sharon Blooms
We had a small rain a couple of days
ago which made the Rose of Sharon bush
burst into bloom. Kansas has been in the
100's temperature wise for quite awhile
which hasn't done the gardens, plants
and flowers any good. Tomorrow it's suppose
to be 107 degrees...I'm not sure about
the heat index. That's Summer in Kansas for you!

Happy Wednesday!!