June 15, 2012

Salt Plains NWR

A sweet little deer to welcome us to the wildlife refuge.

This refuge is about an hour and a half from home.  
We (my husband, Ken & I) finally marked out some
time for a visit.  It was very hot and very windy that
day so we were thankful they had auto tour roads, too.
This refuge is located in North Central Oklahoma.
The wheat harvest was going on as well and we enjoyed
viewing the vast, golden fields being harvested, too.  Kansas 
and Oklahoma are definitely the bread-basket of America!

A woodland hiking trail through the refuge

Trumpet Vines were in bloom

American Avocet  (lifer)

Wild Buttonbush


Small creek running through the refuge.

The Marsh

Small inlet of the Great Salt Plains Lake

Great Salt Plains Lake
Sunset after the first day.

Wildflower:  Indian Blanket Flower
This was my most treasured find :-)

Lark Sparrow  (lifer)
I was thrilled to see several Lark Sparrows!
They make a beautiful song...this one was perched
on this post singing away.

Wildflower:  Arkansas Rose
I am guessing here.

Wildflower:  Fleabane

Wildflower: Hairy Vetch

Hedge Parsley  (another guess)

Great Salt Plains Lake

Great Egret
There were lots of Great Egrets.

I am just guessing at this...a Skink

Gray Hairstreak Butterfly

Snowy Plover
The Snowy Plover likes to nest here. 
Also, the American Avocet and Interior Least Terns.

Salt Plains
This wide expanse of mud flats is covered with a thin layer
of salt.  You can dig for Selenite Crystals here.  It was too
hot and windy for us.  We will need to save that activity
for another day.


Julie G. said...

Cindy, this is such a beautiful post filled with stunning nature images! Congratulations on the two life birds. Salt Plains NWR looks like a lovely place to visit. I adore the cute button buck deer that welcomed you to the refuge. So many pretty flowers. Thank you for sharing such beauty! A joy to visit your wonderful blog!

Linda Rockwell said...

What a lovely place and what a lovely post! Thank you for taking me there and allowing me to see what you saw.

Rick said...

Great capture of the deer, Cindy. And the photo of the trail makes it look very inviting. Our trumpet vines are a month or so behind yours - no buds yet. Enjoyed all of your great flower shots - what a variety ! You really outdid yourself with all these beautiful shots.

dAwN said...

Great shots!
I would love to dig for crystals..going to google what they look like now..

troutbirder said...

Wonderful set of pictures, Cindy. I wonder if the general public has any idea what a great treasure we have in all our National Wildlife Refuges. My favorite is our close by Upper Mississippi NWR... :)

Sharon Whitley said...

I'd like to echo what your other followers have said - you've made this place look so inviting to visit, and love all the photos, a wonderful post and blog, and a new follower!

troutbirder said...

What a great hike and beautiful pictures. Thanks!