May 21, 2012

Finch Chicks Fledge

 House Finch Chicks
 Here is my last shot of the House Finch
Chicks before they fledged.  They took
off 2 days later.

 Pink Lily
My Lilies are blooming!  The flowers seem
to be doing well this Spring.  I believe that's
because it's been a wet/cool Spring.

 Baltimore Oriole
We have an Oriole pair :-)
I'm using a soap dish for the Grape Jelly

Carolina Wren
This shy little guy is becoming a frequent
visitor...I don't mind :-)


forgetmenot said...

Cindy, Love your lily--one of my favorite flowers. Great bird shots too. I've watched doves, robins, cardinals, and finches hatch this year--quite interesting and exciting to follow their progress. Are you getting ready for a "hot" Kansas summer again? Take care. Mickie :)

Julie G. said...

Sweet birds! Scrolling through this wonderful post brought a big smile to my face. Love the little House Finches. Beautiful photographs, Cindy!

Debbie Miller @HooootOwl said...

Sweet shot to savor of the babes last day in the nest. Love the soap dish idea! I'll bet the song from your shy little visitor is beautiful during his visits too :)

cindyzlogic said...

Thank you, Mickie :-) and I can't say I like the heat...I do not take it very well. How about you?

Thank you for the nice comments, Julie and Debbie!

dAwN said...

Awww...the babes are so fluffy .real Purdy shots!

Rick said...

Great bird shots Cindy - love that oriole ! A pair of wrens decided to make their home inside a bird feeder (which is in the shape of a little cottage) - they don't appreciate having to share the back deck with us but they're getting used to it.

And your lilies are looking very nice !