October 23, 2012

Images of Autumn

 My husband and I take many walks in these woods.
It is so serene and back to nature here...we love it!
We see deer, racoons, wild turkeys, Barred Owl,
and Cardinals.  There are many native trees, grasses,
and wildflowers here.  It's called the Chaplin Nature Center.

 Wild Turkeys down by the Arkansas River

It is Autumn in Kansas.
I am seeing some beautiful Fall color, birds,
and wildlife.  I had a Red-breasted Nuthatch visit 
the feeder a couple of days ago, but I haven't
seen him since.  I did capture a few shots but they are
so fuzzy.  Nuthatches dart here and there like Wrens and
are not ones to sit still to have their picture taken...arghhh!
I'm sorry to have neglected my blog...I'm enjoying 
catching up with all of yours :-))
Have a wonderful week !!


Dan Huber said...

Very nice Autumn pictures Cindy.

Julie G. said...

Chaplin Nature Center looks like a wonderful place to take a stroll and view wildlife. Your photographs are beautiful, Cindy! Stunning scenes and delicate close-ups. All Lovely!