February 27, 2013

Fox Sparrow, A Lifer

Fox Sparrow

I was surprised to see a different bird at the feeders.  
I'm pretty sure it's a Fox Sparrow.  Especially after a
couple of birder friends suggested it.  At first I thought it was
a young Harris's Sparrow but at closer inspection I could
see it had different coloring.  It had a black spot in the
middle of it's chest.  It must be migrating because I've 
never seen these before.

After the Snowstorm
The weather channel called it Winter Storm Q
Northern Cardinal (Male)


Harris's Sparrow

Harris's Sparrow

Northern Cardinal (Female)


CarolNH said...

Hi Cindy...I love your photos of this sparrow...I would suggest that this is possibly a Fox Sparrow...The chestnut/rust coloring that I see in your photos makes me think this...I love them (Fox Sparrows) but have only seen them infrequently here in NH...

Kerri said...

Hurray for new birds at the feeder :)

Montanagirl said...

AH, love those Cardinals!

Julie G. said...

Such pretty birds visiting your feeders. I'm wondering if your new sparrow might be a Fox Sparrow. We see them in our area during the spring and fall months. Great photographs, Cindy!

cindyzlogic said...

Thank you everyone for the visiting and for the nice comments :-)

Carol and Julie ~ you may be right about it being a Fox Sparrow. I did deliberate about that. Thanks!

Carol said...

Hi Cindy,
I love visiting here to see your bird photos!

cindyzlogic said...

Thank you, Carol :-))

Kathie Brown said...

Now a Harris Sparrow would be a surprise here in AZ! Cute Fox Sparrow. Congrats on the lifer!