February 8, 2012

Spring Birds are Arriving


 House Finch

 Harris's Sparrows

 Collage of backyard birds

American Goldfinches

We noticed Goldfinches on the deck and we weren't prepared
at all.  Well, hubby went and bought some Nyjer Thistle
and filled the feeder.  It has been full of finches ever since.  
We haven't seen any Pine Siskins yet.  The House Finches and
Robins arrived about the same time.  I took all but one of these photos
through the window.  I captured the pic of the Mockingbird
while out on my walk.  He sits in the same bush, so I brought my
camera and captured the shot.  He's a big, juicy, fat one :-)

Happy Wednesday Everyone!!


Dan Huber said...

Wonderful to see the spring birds isn't it? I saw my first red-wing blackbird call yesterday. Hoping they bring the warm weather with them.


Julie G. said...

This post brought a big smile to my face. Fantastic shots of your backyard visitors! So many beautiful birds! I have yet to see a robin but have noticed a few Pine Siskins. A joy to visit your wonderful blog!

cindyzlogic said...

Thanks for stopping by Dan and Julie :-)

Rick said...

Beautiful captures, Cindy ! I especially love those of one of my favorite birds - the cardinal (we don't get to see them often back home).

Anonymous said...

We also have a lot of finches! While my brother was visiting from MI last Sept, he got us a different feeder that doesn't have perches. It has 2 mesh bags that hang on it (about 12 in ea). Finches LOVE IT plus we've counted 20 eating at one time! Where in ks do u live....I'm. In Ark City.

willlenker said...

Love your bird shots mom! Glad to see the mocking bird back though they can get pretty "talkative" :)