January 23, 2012

Mosaic Maker

I'm experimenting with "Big Huge Labs" website.
One of the blogs I follow has her pictures arranged
in mosaic format, 4 panels, 3 pics, etc.  She posted 
a tutorial...and it works.  I linked to my flickr account 
for the photos I'm using above.

Here is a link to her blog and the tutorial:


Julie G. said...

Bright, beautiful photo mosaic, Cindy! It's especially nice to see color in the winter season.

Linda Rockwell said...

This is very cool. I'm going to try it. Love the way your panel looks!

Rick said...

Glad to see you're back Cindy. That's a beautiful mosaic - great colors and excellent shots !

Also loved all your bird shots ! Maybe you'll be lucky and winter will bypass you.

Kelly said...

...this is cool! I love your choice of subject too. With all the grey and yucky weather, I love seeing the beautiful yellow flowers!