November 12, 2011

A Walk in the Woods, Part 3

A leaf strewn path


 Doe a Deer
This sweet little doe was not afraid of me at all.
The light wasn't good enough for clear photos with my point and shoot,
but I couldn't resist showing her to you.  She was checking 
me out from time to time, but would shake her
tail and continue foraging.

 The Woods



 Native Grasses of Kansas


 The Arkansas River

Heart~shaped Redbud Leaf

The End.

Hi!  I want you to know it's the end of this series, but
not the end of my birds and nature blog.  Doesn't
that make you happy...HaHa!
Winter backyard birds are beginning to arrive, like
the Dark-eyed Junco we saw this week :-))
I'm looking forward to posting about them and
other naturey things happening here in 
middle America.

Have a GREAT week!! 


MikeyBoy50 said...

Hi Cindy

Nice little series here.

Take Care

Patrina's Pencil said...

thanks for the beautiful walk through the woods.

I also love your sunny yellow header. just amazingly alive with light and color :)

Patrina <")>><

Tabib said...

beautiful header pic, and al those flowers

Rick said...

Enjoyed your series, Cindy. I'm surprised you still have greenery (unless these were taken a while back). Lovely views through the woods, and the path with grasses. That deer almost looks tame - nice shots.

forgetmenot said...

Hi Cindy, What a nice walk in the woods to share on your blog. Kansas has so many beautiful things to share with the world. Love the deer--what fun that would be to get "up close and personal". Hope you got some rain last week--gosh do we need it. I thought Fall would be a "bust" this year because of the dry, hot summer, but the trees are really puting on a show up here now. Fall is a gorgeous time of year. Take care. Mickie :)

Julie G. said...

Cindy, I've so enjoyed your "A walk in the Woods" series! So many beautiful sights! That peeking doe is so very sweet. Stunning, delicate wildflowers images. A wonderful way to start my morning viewing such beauty. Thanks for sharing!

Debbie Miller @HooootOwl said...

All three posts have lovely images from your walk in the woods Cindy. Chaplin Nature Center is beautiful!

Marvin said...

A great end to your Chaplin Nature Center series. I really enjoyed your shot of the Arkansas River. It brings back a lot of good memories of my visit to the Chaplin's farm before it was "officially" a nature center.

cindyzlogic said...

Hi, Mike, Patrina, Tabib, Mickie, Julie, Debbie and Marvin! Thanks for your nice comments and for visiting my blog :-))

I took these pics early November. Since then we have had an explosion of color and now the leaves are dropping pretty fast. We had our first real cold day yesterday and it got down to 24 degrees last night.

we got about 4" of rain on the 7th. It was SO welcome!

willlenker said...

Hey mom! Great shots :) I am impressed with the deer photos :) I enjoy your blog very much!