November 7, 2011

A Walk in the Woods, Part 2

 Bull Thistle 

Plains Chinese Lanterns 

Common Sunflower in Kansas 
The birds will really enjoy these seed heads.

Snow on the Mountain 

Maximilian Sunflower in Kansas


Virginia Creeper
The Virginia Creeper turns a gorgeous red
in the Fall.  Here you see it clinging to this huge
Cottonwood tree. 

A quiet place in the woods to sit and take
it all in.  I saw a sweet little Doe...she wasn't
scared of me either.  The squirrels were busy. 
I could hear them scampering through the leaves 
making a rustling, crunching sound.

The woods are changing so fast.  I took a walk through them
last week with my family and the paths were thickly strewn
with fallen leaves.  It was exquisite walking the paths with
the thick carpet of leaves swishing and crunching under
our feet. 

Next week, a "Walk in the Woods" part 3.

Have a great week!  :-)


Dan Huber said...

Wonderful photos Cindy. Looks like a wonderful spot to walk.


Kerri said...

Beautiful captures!!

Julie G. said...

Once again, a delight to accompany you on your walk. Stunning sights captured so beautifully! A wonderful feeling of tranquility is evoked when viewing this lovely post.

Caroline said...

Don't you love kicking through the fallen leaves like a kid? I did the same thing a couple of days ago myself. :o)

cindyzlogic said...

Thank you Dan, Kerri, Julie and Caroline! Your comments are special to me :-)) Hope you're all enjoying the Fall season!

Carol said...

Wow! Beautiful pictures!

Naomi's Nutrition Nook said...

Wow Mom, these are really great photos! I love the full wood scenes! Great pic with the sun coming through the tree! I wanted to "like" it and comment on it (like FB) but couldn't figure it out :)

Naomi's Nutrition Nook said...

Wow Mom, great photos! I really like the full forest captures! The one with the sun breaking through the trees is gorgeous! :) They look like postcards!