August 3, 2011

Wednesday Wonders

Mississippi Kite

Moth (unidentified)

Sunset at the Arkansas River in Kansas

House Finch Chicks

They look a little gross here with their
craws stuffed full, but they've gotten
a little bigger. It amazes me how they
can survive the heat. We are having temps
over 100 degrees with no end in sight.

Happy Wednesday !!


Julie G. said...

Wonderful Wednesday images! It's amazing how the moth blends in so well with the tree bark. Beautiful Kansas sunset photographs! Love the litte finches. So glad they are doing well in this beastly weather. Terrific post, Cindy!

Robin Clifton said...

Love the sunset pics! Nice blog post. :)

cindyzlogic said...

Thanks for stopping by and for the nice comments Julie and Robin!!

dAwN said...

Awww..I love the house finch nest of fluff!