May 18, 2011

Wings on Wednesday: May 18

House Finch Family

Ruby-throated Hummingbird Drama

Baltimore Oriole Family

In this photo the male is keeping watch while the younger
Oriole is drinking.

Sweet Little Visitor

He came right up to the window to check me out
whether I was friend or foe.


Cynthia White said...

What a beautiful array of birds in your yard, so very fortunate :)

Julie G. said...

Fantastic post, Cindy! What a colorful bunch of beautiful birds visiting your feeders. Love your hummingbird action shots. Precious little House Finch family. A joy to visit your wonderful blog, as always!

willlenker said...

Hey mom! God is blessing you with all sorts of feathery friends this spring!

forgetmenot said...

I love the baltimore oriole --I haven't seen one in such a long time. Your yard just "hums" with activity. Mickie :)

cindyzlogic said...

Thank you for the great comments Will, Mickie, Julie, and Cynthia!