February 9, 2011

Wings on Wednesday

The backyard birds were quite abundant as we've just experienced another snowstorm. This system dumped about 10" of snow over night. It's cold but the sun is shining today. I think it's suppose to warm up toward the end of the week and the snow will gone. So, actually it's a novelty to have some (speaking as a person who grew up in South Dakota). We've had a variety of birds coming to feed: Harris's Sparrows, Dark-eyed Juncos, Northern Cardinals, American Goldfinches, Blue Jays, and a few House Sparrows. I haven't seen the White-crowned Sparrows yet today. We're really enjoying it and will enjoy it while it lasts!
Happy Wednesday!! Everyone :-))


Julie G. said...

Beautiful images of your backyard vistors! Amazing junco photograph!

Kelly said...

...love your little junco, and I'm still totally jealous of your Harris's Sparrows! :-)

cindyzlogic said...

Thank you, Julie :-))
Thank you, Kelly :-)) we need something to make the dull Kansas landscape come to life! Ha!

Frank said...

More snow Cindy ... you seem to have had a basin full this winter but at least the garden birds seem happy.

MikeyBoy50 said...

Nice bunch Cindy :-)

Rick said...

It's great how a snowstorm brings out the birds; they really appreciate a handout when food is hard to find. You always get such a variety and capture them so well !

Caroline said...

Hi, Cindy,
I've got the same juncos, but I sure am jealous of your Harris's sparrows! We just see them for a few days during migration, I think they are very handsome.
What part of SD did you start from?

cindyzlogic said...

Thanks for stopping by and for leaving comments!
Thank you, Frank :-)
Thank you, Mike :-)
Thank you, Rick :-)
Thank you, Caroline :-)

cindyzlogic said...

Caroline, I couldn't find your email so I'll answer your question here: I grew up in the SC part of SD on a dairy farm.