August 9, 2010

Summer Backyard Birds

There are 3 Ruby-throated Hummingbirds at our feeder this Summer.
This one is the "King"...he's turning around in this photo giving me a "look see".

I got a kick out of this pose because of his little fuzzy white bottom :-)
All the birds were super clean after a huge downpour which we were glad to get. It cooled us down to 71 degrees for tonight. An unbelievable blessing since we've been having 110 heat indexes for the last 2 weeks.

Young Cardinals

"What's up Doc?"

Young Titmice

House Wren Series

This House Wren is a lifer for me, although I could hear them in the neighbors yard. I was so glad he attempted our yard :-) He found a nice fat something under the deck and will no doubt take it to feed his babies. I didn't realize they were so small.

Mississippi Kites at Dusk

Ladybug and Aphid

Carolina Wren Series

House Sparrow Series
"Open your mouth and say ahhh...well, that's gotta come out"

"Come're holding out on me...can't you open any wider than that!"

"Have you ever heard of a product called Scope Mouthwash?"

"Now you've hurt my feelings!" "You need to take some classes on bed-side manners!"

I guess they worked out their differences :-)

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Kerri said...

You have a wonderful variety in your yard :)