March 27, 2010

Spring Lifers in My Backyard

Spotted Towhee
A Spring blizzard brought numerous birds to the feeder. We were so excited to get some new Spring migrants that we have never seen before. These Spotted Towhee photos were captured by my husband, Ken. I got out my Kansas Bird Guide to study up on Towhees. They nest in the Northwestern part of the state near the Nebraska border during the Summer. Migrants are seen during April and October. This guy must be an early bird ;-)
Spotted Towhee

Spotted Towhee

Eurasion Collared-Dove

Chipping Sparrow
This little guy arrived on the day of the Spring snowstorm. He makes the House Sparrows look huge. He was out there feeding today. Chipping Sparrows are Spring migrants that fly through on their way to the Northeastern part of the state where they nest. He must like it here...we've seen him the last 10 days.

Chipping Sparrow
"Oops...I lost my lunch!"

Female Red-winged Blackbird
Another Spring snowstorm arrival. It was as plump as a little partridge. It was bigger than the Harris's Sparrows. I got out the field guide, pored over it, trying to figure out what we had here. I came up with the Female Red-winged Blackbird.

Female, Red-winged Blackbird


Kelly said...

...nothing like a spring snowstorm! I've never seen a Spotted Towhee. We get Eastern Towhees, but not often at our feeder. Our Chipping Sparrows have not yet arrived for the summer. They are so cute! I saw my first Eurasion Collard Dove two weeks ago in Florida. As of yet, they are not in Cincy...

cindyzlogic said...

Thanks for stopping by, Kelly! I hope it's the last of the snowstorms, but it only lasted 24 hours and brought lots of birds :-)

Rick said...

I've never seen a towhee around here - nice shots. Too bad about the snowstorm - things should be looking up by now. A week ago it was 7F here; today we hit 82F !! Talk about a nice change for a change!

The Early Birder said...

Cindy, just catching up...amazing what the weather can produce. FAB
BTW..Has the weather improved?

dAwN said...

Wow..look at the snow! and i have been sweating it in Texas..thanks for cooling me off..
Some purdie birds there..

cindyzlogic said...

Thanks for stopping by Rick, Frank, and Dawn! Yes! the weather has improved and trees and flowers are blossoming around here. It was in the 80's yesterday.

Kerri said...

I guess after the towhee and sparrow visited you they headed my way! Great catches!! I was AMAZED at how small the chipping sparrow was compared to the other sparrows.

cindyzlogic said...

I know, Kerri...the Chipping Sparrows are so awfully cute! Get some good pics!! Thanks for stopping by :-)