February 16, 2010

Snow Birds

Dark-eyed Junco
all photos by cindyzlogic

Male House Finch and Junco

Female Cardinal

Dark-eyed Junco

White-crowned Sparrow

Male House Finch

Dark-eyed Junco

American Goldfinch

Harris's Sparrow and Male Cardinal

Carolina Wren

Male Cardinal

Red-bellied Woodpecker

Male Housefinch

Juncos watching it come down.

Mourning Dove


dAwN said...

Beautiful shots! they look like they are in a snowglobe...

cindyzlogic said...

Thanks, Dawn!

Shelley said...

That junco was my favorite! So many great visitors you had - you must be spoiling them well! :-)

The Early Birder said...

What a great collection visiting you. I don't think I would be outside in those conditions without an overcoat but the birds just carry on as normal! FAB.

cindyzlogic said...

Thank you, Shelley! Actually my husband does the spoiling! We really enjoy our backyard birds!

Thanks for visiting, Frank! When it snows, we get the most variety of birds at the feeder. So, have your camera ready!

Anonymous said...

Hi Cindy, I am glad to be able to visit your blog. I can see that your weather is much worse than ours at the moment, great shots under the circumstances.

troutbirder said...

There is something special about all these wonderful birds gathering at a feeder when the snow starts comming down. You've captured that moment perfectly! Great job Cindy.

cindyzlogic said...

Thanks for visiting, Roy! Thanks for the compliments on the bird pics!

Thank you, troutbirder! There is wonderful backyard birdwatching to be had, during snow storms, to be sure!

Rick de Zoete said...

Just discovered your blog. Wonderful pictures - you're sure blessed to have such a variety. Seems that the snowstorms really bring the birds as they look for their 'daily bread'.

cindyzlogic said...

Thanks for visiting, Rick! Thanks for the compliments! Yes, whenever it snows down here, I've learned to be ready with my camera!