October 6, 2009

Cardinals and House Sparrows

We just had a great crop of House Sparrows this season. I don't know what we're going to do with all of them. We are still seeing several young male and female Cardinals, which add a lot of color to the backyard. I have not seen the Chickadees for about a week. I'm wondering what that means? Also, the Titmice have been absent before noticing the absence of the Chickadees. The Chickadees and Titmice visited the feeder all last Winter, so I know they don't migrate. Anyway, I'm looking forward to the arrival of the Fall/Winter migrates like White-crowned Sparrows, Juncos, and Harris's Sparrows.
My first capture of an Armadillo this weekend :)) Curious little dudes.


Naomi said...

Great shot Mom ;)

dAwN said...

Ahh such a nice time of year..birdies coming and going! Nice shots Cindy!