September 9, 2009

Chaplin Nature Center

Migrating Monarch

Beautiful wild grasses.

The Arkansas River in the background.

I loved the purple color of these wild grasses.

State flower of Kansas, the Sunflower.
My husband and I decided we'd better check out another local place for some birding so we visited the Chaplin Nature Center. It has nice walking trails and we took the one that heads down to the river. It's about a mile hike. Well, we saw a Great-horned Owl flying away and a Great Blue Heron flying away down the river. It was almost dusk, so we couldn't stay long. We need to go again and allow ourselves more time. On the way back to the parking area we were rewarded with seeing a doe with her two fawns. The fawns still had their spots. She didn't see us right away...I tryed to get a picture...but all I managed to do was scare the "dickens " out of them.

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Marvin said...

This post brings back some good memories. The last time I was at the Chaplin Nature Center was thirty years ago or so. Of course, it wasn't a nature center then, but a private farm, although some of the early conversions had begun. My wife has many, many more good memories. The Chaplins were her grandparents.