August 18, 2009

Mississippi Kites

Mississippi Kites
My husband and I were out walking and we heard this "phewww" sound of a hawk. Ken spotted the fledgling Mississippi Kite right above us. Fortunately I had brought my camera along! The parents soared around above looking for food for the fledge and kept their sharp eyes on us. They seemed to tolerate us quite well, as they didn't dive bomb us! We saw the adult bring food to the fledge...meat of some sort. Then the adults landed nearby as long as we were standing beneath their baby.
The Kites are known to feed on Cicadas and other large insects. Cicadas are plentiful here.
Today while out walking we located another Mississippi Kite family nearby. We couldn't see the Fledgling, but could hear it calling out for food. We did see the two parents perched on the electrical lines.


Mark Wilkinson said...

You lucky thing. We only have one kite in the UK (Red Kite) which was re-introduced about 20 years ago in the Chilterns, NW of London. Numbers are now huge! Kites are such magnificent birds in flight and provided great company on my recent canoe trip. Great pics too.

dAwN said...

Great pics Cindy! How exciting to see fledglings anything..but!

Naomi said...

Great pictures Mom :) I like looking at your blog! Its very positive! Love you..I learn a lot too!