July 15, 2009

Northern Flicker in South Dakota

I was up in South Dakota last week at my parent's place. My Dad and I spied these two unusual birds while looking out the kitchen window. These photos are taken through the window with my Canon Point n' Shoot camera. So, sorry that they're not very clear. We thought they were Woodpeckers, but when I got home and started researching, I believe they are Northern Flickers. Northern Flickers are related to the Woodpecker, I guess. We couldn't figure out why they were foraging on the ground, until I was reading about them today on the internet. Flickers like to eat bugs and beetles off the ground. The article said you may scare some up as you take a walk near a wooded area. They do stand upright on trees like Woodpeckers and make cavities and nest in trees like Woodpeckers. I am adding an interesting link about Northern Flickers...


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