July 3, 2009

Nature Hodgpodge

The Rose of Sharon bush is blooming beautifully. Last year I saw my first Humming Bird flying in and out of the blooms.

While taking a walk today, I brought my camera. This little butterfly or moth, would not hold still! It was so vibrantly pretty.

This was the clearest shot I could get. He kept his wings folded up tight and occasionally opened them.

What in the world is this bird?
Here is a bird my husband and I see quite often while walking. I looked it up on Whatbird.com believing it was a Mocking Bird. I'm not sure...if anyone can ID it for me...leave a comment, please.


Cindy Lenker said...

KSUpurple: Yes, you were right, that is a Northern Mockingbird.

Cindy Lenker said...

Birdingdude: Hi - your bird is a Northern Mockingbird.