June 4, 2009

Carolina Chickadees Enjoy Feeder

I believe this is an adult Chickadee with a fledgling.

Fledgling waiting to use the feeder. The feeder was being dominated by some House Sparrows at the time. He was just waiting patiently.

When he got into the feeder, he decided to take full advantage of it and relax, flex, and stretch. He was so tiny he fit right inside the trough.

After stretching, he ate a few seeds.

Here he's doing a little preening. He was quite at home : )

This scene was so cute. You know how birds get into the dust and ruffle their feathers to get sand into their feathers, well that's what he was doing in the feeder trough.


Cindy Lenker said...

RGVBirdingFest: Great to be tweeting with you. Love the carolina chickadee pics.

Cindy Lenker said...

docforestal: @cindyzlogic wow, love the chickadee pics, stretching out is classic

Cindy Lenker said...

snowbunting said: Aweee!! They are so cute!