April 19, 2009

Robin Nestwatch: More Eggs Each Day!

On Friday, April 17th, there were 3 eggs, then on Saturday afternoon we checked and there were 4. We've been busy today so we have not checked the nest. When we returned home from Bible study, it was dark and cool out and she/he were not sitting on the nest. The old addage "a watch-pot never boils" popped into my head. We'll need to trust that they'll get back on the nest tonight and keep those eggs warm! I'll check out the nest tomorrow morning. I wonder how many eggs this couple is going to lay?
Write me a post with your estimate.

I was so pleased to be able to acquire a picture of the male Robin sitting on the nest. He allowed me to walk up pretty close to get these pictures. The female on the other hand is pretty skittish. As soon as we open the front door, she takes off.


Cindy Lenker said...

I think your robin's nest will continue to have four eggs. Thanks for sharing all UR great photos of God's creation, Cindy.


Cindy Lenker said...

Aren't they just beautiful? This makes me smile. Saw a whole flock of robins on the golf course yesterday at Abq Country Club.

by LRockwellatty via chirptracker

Nestwatch said...

we guess the clutch is complete at 4 eggs